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Worlds Together Ethiopia

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Worlds Together Ethiopia

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Ethiopia provides a ground-level view of a lightly visited part of the world. Visit the cities of Harar and Addis Ababa. See the 800-year-old Christian churches of Lalibela, carved out of volcanic rock. See the wonderful diversity of the people of Ethiopia as they go about their lives. This is a glimpse in time of a people just shaking off the slumber of isolation and rejoining the world.

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Worlds Together Series

Worlds Together Documentary by Elmer Hawkes

  • Cuba
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Tibet
  • Ethiopia
  • West Africa
  • East Africa
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Ethiopia is the ancient land referred to as Cush in the Old Testament. It is one of the oldest Christian civilizations in the world, since the coming of the first Christians in the fourth century. Visit the cities of Gonder with its castles and 44 churches; Harar, the fourth most important Islamic city in the world; Addis Ababa, located more than a mile up in the highlands of Ethiopia; and the 800-year-old Christian churches of Lalibela, some carved into volcanic rock.

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Release Date-April 7, 2015
Title-Worlds Together Ethiopia
Series: -Worlds Together
Length: -25
Year Published: -2015
Subject/Topic: -World Cultures
Director:- Elmer Hawkes
Language:- English
Format: -DVD
Type: -NTSC
Region Code: -0

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