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Take a fantastic journey to another country where you view the unique lives of two children and their families through the eyes of children.

Discover families of the world


Here are some of the core team members who work to bring World Culture Media.

Selina Yoon

Selina has strong passion for education and knowledge. Selina is the founder of Master Communications and exists to promote cultural understanding through educational media. Master Communications strives to bring high quality media to schools, libraries and homes as it believes that fostering understanding of cultures of many countries breaks barriers and expands one's horizon. A former Procter & Gamble executive, Selina brings her expertise in branding, marketing, distribution, licensing and development of award-winning series. She attends numerous events for broadcast, libraries and education institutions and media specialists. Selina was born in Seoul Korea and has studied and lived in multiple countries and regions.

Frederick Chen

Dr. Frederick Chen is a professor who grew up in multiple countries including Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Taiwan and the US. He has created teacher's guides for the series and offers advice from educator perspectives.

Andy Kroner

Andy has provided his technical skills for map animation, editing, authoring, captioning and many digital edition work. He lives in Cincinnati with his wife and two children.

Andrea Blain

Andrea is a well respected publicist in video and media industry. While she usually works with many large name brand media properties, she enjoys working with independent media publisher with quality programs. Andrea has worked with Selina on the initial launch of the Families of the World series and has continuously supported subsequent PR efforts for many other series with Master Communications. Andrea lives in Chicago area.

Gaye Earlywine

Gaye has edited scripts and teacher's guides for number of series. She also contributed to this website development.

We thank numerous designers, editors, sound engineers, narrators, supporter and volunteers who have made the World Culture Media a reality.

To inquire about broadcasting rights, digital rights or licensing rights, please e-mail your inquiry to sales(at)

Master Communications, Inc.
2692 Madison Rd Suite N1-307
Cincinnati, OH 45208
Tel: 513-563-3100
Fax: 513-563-3105

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