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Take a fantastic journey to another country where you view the unique lives of two children and their families through the eyes of children.

Discover families of the world


I would recommend the Families of the World DVDs to anyone who would love to learn about what “normal” is for families in other parts of the world.

-A Mom’s Take

We applaud Families of the World as an excellent source of providing an intriguing taste of another culture.

-School Library Journal

Families of the World series provides your children with a unique world tour they’ll never forget!

-Your Child Your Life Magazine

Explorers of all ages need travel no farther than their living rooms to learn about the lives and cultures of children around the world thank to the multi-award-winning video series Families of the World.

These are worth watching, especially if you home school, or teach preschool or grade school.

-Palmetto Parent

The Families of the World Series already has 28 amazing titles under its belt and it is a great way for families to take a journey around the world to learn about other cultures from a child’s viewpoint.  In fact, the series is narrated by children and always focuses on two children’s families from an urban and rural location to get the different perspectives.  There are limited cuts so it feels very real-world and it’s a nice way for children to see life as it happens in each country for children as young as five (plus a limited 30 minute viewing time – perfect)

-Momma’s Bacon

Families of the World is an extremely different outlook to the way some families are raised and brought up. It is a beautiful film that will teach about ways in different parts of the world. I highly recommend it.

-The Mommyhood Chronicles

Jam-packed with small details about daily, this addition to the popular series is recommended.

-Video Librarian

Families of Italy

The presentations are engaging, and when viewers see all the Italian cooking and meals being consumed, including 23 "personal pan-type," homemade pizzas by Luigi's family, they will definitely be in the mood for some Italian food of their own.

-Roy A. Barnes, Yahoo! Contributor Network

Families of Germany

A solid entry in the popular multiple-volume travelogue and cultural awareness series, this is recommended.

-Video Librarian

A great way to expose children to the culture of German families and show that they are not so different from those in the U.S.

-Kids First!

It was great learning experience for all of the kids and they all enjoyed watching it.

-The IE Mommy

Families of Philippines

The visuals of this island nation are stunning, showing off much natural beauty that this country has to offer.

-Roy A. Barnes, Yahoo! Contributor Network

A winning addition to an excellent series, this is highly recommended.

-Video Librarian

My daughters definitely learned a lot, as did I. I felt like I had successfully snuck a history lesson into their day.

-The IE Mommy

Families of Kenya

Offering a slice-of-life look that is sure to interest geography students and armchair travelers alike, this is highly recommended.

-Video Librarian

Families of Afghanistan

The video is very authentic, right down to the music that was recorded in Kabul, and it gives viewers an unbiased look at a young person’s life in a very different culture.

-School Library Journal

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