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If the World Were a Village (French) Si le monde etait un village

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Worlds Together Series

Worlds Together Documentary by Elmer Hawkes

  • Cuba
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Tibet
  • Ethiopia
  • West Africa
  • East Africa
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Winner of 2009 Parents' Choice Silver Award. Based on the best selling and award-winning book by the same title, If the World Were a Village is an animated story that delivers an important message using a magical metaphor: what if the world with six billion people were a village of just 100 people... By exploring the lives of the 100 villagers, children will discover that life in other nations is often very different from their own. If the World Were a Village will encourage viewers to learn about our global village. The languages we speak, what foods we eat, where we live, what religions we practice - what you find may surprise you!

4 stars out of 4: “If the World Were a Village is a valuable program that promotes
critical thinking about global issues, while also serving up an overall
positive message: we are, after all, a very big village, so it would benefit us
to think of other countries and cultures as next-door neighbors with whom
we should live in peace. Highly recommended. Editor’s Choice.”
–Video Librarian, Nov/Dec 2007

“Shelagh Armstrong’s colorful acrylic illustrations translate well to the
screen, and the animation is well one. Background music adds to the telling.
A unique choice for units on community, geography, and global studies.”
–School Library Journal, Sept. 2007

2009 Parents Choice Silver Award
2009 Kids First Endorsement
2006 Prix Jeunesse - International Finalist
2007 Alliance for Children & Television Award of Excellence
2007 Canadian Screenwriting Awards Winner
2006 Gemini Award Nominee, Best Direction

Additional lesson plans and curriculum correlations can be found at EducationWorld.

Release Date-2009
Title-If the World Were a Village (French) Si le monde etait un village
Series: -If the World Were a Village
Length: -25
Year Published: -2009
Subject/Topic: -Social Studies/Geography/Culture
Language:- Spanish
Format: -DVD
Type: -NTSC
Region Code: -0

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