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Expand Your World

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Connect to the Global Communities

Take a fantastic journey to another country where you view the unique lives of two children and their families through the eyes of children.

Discover families of the world


Worlds Together and If the World Were a Village are excellent series for classroom use as well as for home schools:

  • Social Studies, Geography Studies, World Culture Units
  • Foreign Language classes to learn about the culture - Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Amharic and Hindi.
  • English as Second Language/ELL – closed-captioned and sub-titled to view English text of narration

The videos are suitable for viewing among ages 5 to 100.

We offer two different sets of free discussion guides for teachers.

Teacher’s Guides – Social Studies, Foreign Language Studies

English Language Study Guides from Professor Tracy Cramer (Study guides, hand outs and quizzes for high school and university ELL/ESL/EFL students learners) –Click here for Study Guides, Hand outs and Quizzes for ELL/ESL/EFL learners from Tracy Cramer