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How World Culture Media was born

If one has moved from one country to another, you understand culture shock.

I vividly recall experience that culture shock as I moved from Seoul Korea to New Haven Connecticut in my middle school years, with limited English proficiency. There was no such a program as ESL/ELL. It was sink or swim.  The first year in America was a big blurr, surely from my limited comprehension of what was going on.

After overcoming such difficulty, I managed to go to college and do summer programs in Spain, and Korea. My passion for travel, language and cultures around the world must be in my blood! After attending business school, I moved to Cincinnati Ohio for my big marketing career.

I was so focused on my career that I never expected having a child in Cincinnati, Ohio would dramatically change my professional life! 

  About the time she had her son, Michael, there was a study about importance of ealy brain and neuron development among very young children. Until then, people thought babies did not do much. Once I learned of the importance of early learning and especially early language learning for reducing accents, it was as if there was a time bomb ticking to provide that early learning opportunity. Living in Cincinnati Ohio, in mostly white monolingual neighborhood posed a challenge. The city certainly was not as diverse and cosmopolitan as many major cities sych as New York, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Los Angeles.

I was determined to take action to raise my children to be a Citizen of the World. I left corporate America and started Master Communications. Like many start-ups, we had lofty ideas that needed to be executed. I knew audio and video would be critical to my children and company's success.

At first, children's videos from Korean TV stations (there were no Korean children's channels back then) was played in their living room and provided much needed input. Soon they were speaking and conversing in Korean. Selina wanted her children to speak Mandarin Chinese, even though she could not speak the language herself. 

Creating language teaching resources

Not being able to find engaging materials for my children, I met many parents who had the same needs. I wanted to create something that is easy to use and fun to learn. There is no better learning opportunity than singing. The idea was born. I worked with animation illustrators, singer and performers to create lyric books that doubled as coloring books along with an audio for singing. Sing and Learn Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean were born and they are still availbale today. 

Soon I learned that language learning requires cultural context and learning about culture takes more varied resources. 

An expanding books, audio and videos

Starting with books lowered financial risks, compared to videos. After creating a direct distribution channels, Asia for Kids and Culture for Kids, our team looked for additional videos. One such video series was Families of the World. From 2000 to 2014, these documentary series was relaunched by Master Communications. My team re-launched the series with closed-captioning, maps, a new logo, new packaging, and a teacher’s guide. And they arranged for its broadcast on public television stations in the U.S. and on stations in many other countries. was distributed by Master Communications. Changing technology to high definition and the age of the program (4:3 aspect ratio vs. 16:9 for new screens) has led Master Communications to seek and work on other series which are in the works!

Videos provide learning opportunities and reduce culture shock!

I wish there were videos I could have watched before I moved to America. I did not know that New Haven downtown and the Green is very small compared to Seoul or New York. I remember thinking "This is it?"

One can experience culture and language through documentaries and I believe it can also reduce culture shock. The videos provide learning opportunities. On YouTube, "How to" videos are the most popular. 

Our journey continues

My original goals to ensure my children spoke many languages including Chinese and be global - check, check!! Now we want to continue helping as many people as possible. Our mission is to make a difference in students and young people by raising their horizon and expose them to many cultures and languages. We exist to inspire curious minds and educate one to become a citizen of the world. One of the questions I receive a lot is if we are non-profit.  We do believe our non-profit status would allow us to create reource for smaller language and cultural groups. Stay tuned to learn more about our structure.

Selina Yoon

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