Introducing World Culture Media! World Culture Media exists to foster greater understanding of global culture. 

What is Culture?
Culture influences how we view and engage the world around us. Culture impacts our language, customs, common sense, bias, food, values, beliefs and the list goes on. Here is how Texas A&M's Choudhury defines Culture. Simply put, it is how we as a society function, right or not.

We at World Culture Media are excited to bring media that expands our thinking and views for all ages. Sharing ways people live, worship, dress, eat and go to school around the world is one way to achieve our goal to help one become a global citizen.

Other ways will include language learning, factual and conceptual learning in various topics including diversity, environment and organizational culture.

Please make your suggestion on topics and media contents you wish to see.

Be Informed
Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter as we add categories and topics, content for K-12 through colleges.

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